Welcome to the ACE Primary curriculum area.

We have a varied curriculum of English, Maths, Science, PSHE, PE and Learning outside the classroom (LOTC).

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum at Primary is focused on providing child-centred, individualised learning opportunities for all children, to help them develop as autonomous learners who are increasingly self-aware. We pride ourselves on a ‘stage’ not ‘age’ focus to ensure we support our students in the best way possible. For pupils whose needs are best met by the early years foundation stage framework, which in some instances may include pupils of secondary age, we focus on the 6 areas of learning: Communication, Language and Literacy, Mathematical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design. 


The delivery of the curriculum is based around learning through play and social exploration to engage children with active learning and to become critical thinkers. Our two-year topic cycle ensures breadth and balance of learning. We plan all of our pupils an individualised curriculum and we use goal setting around EHCP objectives for those who have one. This ensures that learning is relevant, personalised and promotes the balance between SEMH and academic progress. In addition to our classroom curriculum, we offer a bespoke wraparound of learning outside the classroom, with a variety of outdoor opportunities and interventions which link directly to our curriculum.


Our restorative curriculum has a clear focus for all of our students including those who are short stay, which is accurate assessment and compensation for lost learning, to narrow the gaps in education they have experienced before arriving with us. This approach helps us to work with our local authority partners to determine next steps in terms of education placement if a long-term placement with ACE is not appropriate.


Primary maths curriculum statement

At ACE primary we have a firm belief every student should have the opportunity to develop their understanding of maths. This is nurtured by the adults who work with them, both within their scheduled maths lessons but also, throughout their learning outside the classroom and everyday experiences.

As a primary team we follow The White Rose curriculum and teacher assessment is used on entry, to level them at the appropriate stage. We then use the scheme of learning document, which breaks down national curriculum objectives into small steps to develop planning, which is objective led by White Rose. We ensure real life resources such as; numicon, cubes, interactive ICT resources, clocks and games are used to support students in reaching learning outcomes. We also consider learning focuses as a team when planning for our learning outside the classroom, to ensure we capture every learning opportunity.

Our curriculum is delivered by teachers and in some cases support staff, teachers provide planning, resources and support prior to the lessons and ensure they have oversight of the learning which has taken place.