Pastoral Care


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Staff at ACE Schools adopt a trauma informed approach promote learning, academic achievement, and personal development. We have a culture of high expectations for achievement and an awareness of the importance in creating an ethos of wellbeing that culminates in better engagement and improved academic achievement. Staff at ACE Schools ensure that learning experiences meet the needs and raises the aspirations of all learners. Interventions with clear and concise desired outcomes support academic progress, and the personal development of learners are well established. Alongside external agencies, pastoral support delivers the ‘Specialist’ aspect of the Transforming Futures Trust Three Strand Curriculum. The Pastoral Programme is ambitious for every learner and provide opportunities to develop social skills and personal qualities that will prepare them for adulthood.



Pupil information is shared with all staff to enable every learning episode to be a purposeful one. Corrective behaviour techniques and rewards are used to reinforce expectations of all learners and provide clear boundaries to ensure a safe learning environment. Early interventions alongside planned support strategies are used to improve the quality and implementation of the pastoral support programme. Short term, medium term and long-term plans are used to monitor and adapt provision. The Pastoral team track the Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) of our students using the Motional assessment tool linked to Trauma informed practise to offer targeted support in specific areas. The Pastoral team will also utilise Skills Builder themes to further support pupils in targeted interventions.

The schools CPD Programme ensures that staff are trained and exposed to the professional development required to fulfil their role. High-quality support motivates learners to achieve their full potential. Pastoral systems in place identify barriers to learning and as a result, bespoke interventions are used to overcome them.



A comprehensive Pupil Profile ensures that all staff have the knowledge, skills and understanding to be effective when providing support for learners. Effective partnerships with parents and carers as well as external agencies support learners in their academic progress and personal development. Communication with all stakeholders ensures that a safe and stimulating learning environment supports the personal development of all learners and they are able to remain in the classroom throughout the school day. Pastoral interventions have outcomes that promote academic and non-academic learning. Learners are happy, healthy, and motivated to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to prior attainment. Learners are confident about responding to challenges that they may face in education and can work effectively with others to develop skills required for their next steps.


ACE Schools Pastoral

At ACE, we are passionate about providing the best education and support for pupils who attend our schools. We are ambitious for every child and work together to ensure that learners are in the best place possible to access learning. We have an open and positive culture around safeguarding and believe that a strong pastoral support system that links closely with the curriculum and wider curriculum is crucial in achieving this goal.

Many of our learners have faced and continue to face various challenges and traumas outside of the school environment. Understanding the impact that these experiences have on their emotional well-being and ability to learn, underpins the rationale behind the trauma-informed approaches and interventions that are adopted and take place throughout the school day.

With the help of a dedicated team of teachers, learning mentors and support staff, we create a nurturing and safe environment for the pupils. We focus on building positive relationships, practicing empathy, and creating a sense of belonging for each and every pupil. Through regular check-ins, individual counselling sessions, and individual and small group interventions, pupils are provided with the necessary support to help them try to manage their traumas and develop resilience.

At ACE Schools, we prioritise pastoral support, and recognise the importance of preparing pupils for their future. We believe that a well-rounded education should not only focus on academic and non-academic development but also on preparing pupils for adulthood. This is underpinned by the trusts Three Strand Curriculum. The first strand of The Three Strand Curriculum is ‘Specialist Support’ and this links in closely with the pastoral support on offer at ACE Schools. It provides tailored assistance to pupils with additional needs. The trauma-informed approaches and interventions seamlessly complement this strand by addressing the emotional and psychological barriers that pupils at ACE Schools face, enabling them to access specialist support and in turn the curriculum more effectively.

The second strand focuses on ‘Learning and Development’. Staff understand that for pupils to excel academically, they needed a solid foundation of well-being and emotional readiness. The trauma-informed approaches implemented at ACE Schools not only improve pupils’ mental health, but also allow them to develop the necessary self-regulation skills, resilience, and confidence to engage in their learning journey fully. All staff approach every learning episode adopting the ACE Schools Model of Learning and recognise that with reduced levels of anxiety and enhanced emotional well-being, pupils can engage more effectively and make progress academically.

The third strand of the curriculum aims to ‘Prepare Pupils for Adulthood’. At ACE schools, we believe that equipping pupils with life skills, such as problem-solving, communication, and emotional intelligence, is essential for their future success. The trauma-informed approaches and interventions, which focus on building resilience and providing coping mechanisms, align well with this strand. Pupils are not only prepared academically but also emotionally and socially for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

The pastoral support system at ACE Schools, with its trauma-informed approaches and interventions, plays a vital role in enabling pupils to be in the best place possible to access learning. By addressing their emotional needs and providing a supportive environment, pupils' learning and development are enhanced. Furthermore, the comprehensive pastoral support on offer combines with the Careers Education Information and Guidance on offer at ACE Schools and prepares pupils for next steps. This ensures that pupils at ACE Schools are ready to face the challenges of adulthood with confidence and resilience.