Why do we teach Physical Education?

We teach Physical Education because we value its place in the Curriculum to enhance wider learning opportunities. From a spark of curiosity, we aspire to nurture lifelong engagement in a healthy active lifestyle. Through PE we want all young people to feel safe, to feel valued, to have confidence and pride in their abilities; safe learning environments are created so pupils can develop their confidence to make improvements within the physical domain (physical health), cognitive domain (mindset/strategy/resilience), and the social/emotional domain (positive relationships/sportsmanship/leadership).  All these components are integral features of our provision and give every individual an opportunity to shine and contribute positively to our school and the community.



In PE we are committed to fostering holistic growth in students across Key Stages 1 to 4. Our intent is to empower our students by developing essential life skills, instilling leadership qualities, fostering teamwork, and nurturing self-motivation through a dynamic and inclusive physical education program, that covers a wide range of activities for all abilities, skill level and motivation.



1. Skill Development: Our PE curriculum incorporates a progressive and inclusive approach to skill development. We recognise the unique abilities and needs of each student, offering tailored programs to help them master various physical activities. This individualised approach ensures that every student can experience success and gain confidence.

2. Leadership: We introduce leadership elements in our PE classes by encouraging older students to take on mentoring roles for younger peers. We organise leadership workshops and activities that build communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. This enables students to not only lead in sports but also in their daily lives.

3. Teamwork:  Team sports and collaborative activities are integral to our curriculum. By participating in team-based physical activities, students learn the value of cooperation, mutual respect, and working towards common goals. These experiences extend beyond the sports field to improve social interactions and classroom dynamics.

4. Self-Motivation: We instil self-motivation by setting achievable goals and encouraging students to track their progress. Our teachers serve as mentors, helping students recognise their potential and providing the tools needed to stay motivated. This equips them with essential life skills that transcend the boundaries of physical education.



The impact of Physical Education can be measured in a variety of ways. Students can develop increased self-confidence as they master new skills and witness their progression over time. This newfound confidence can extend into their academic pursuits and personal lives. The focus on leadership fosters responsible and empathetic individuals who are ready to take on leadership roles within and beyond the school environment. These are areas that fit the wider aspect of the curriculum. Teamwork is an area that pupils can find challenging. Progress in this area leads to improved social skills which make pupils more effective in group tasks and better equipped to collaborate in diverse settings. By understanding the importance of setting and achieving goals, students carry forward the ability to stay motivated in their educational and life journeys.

Our PE curriculum aims to improve the wellbeing and fitness of all pupils at ACE Schools, not only through the sporting skills taught, but also through the underpinning values and disciplines that PE promotes. The PE department at ACE Schools aims to mould well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in a complex world. Through skill development, leadership training, teamwork, and self-motivation, we are shaping future leaders and responsible citizens.

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