Maths Department Update

By HoD Mrs. Gladstone-Smith

Across the trust, we have started to explore the important world of algebra in our mathematics lessons. Algebra has been found on human clay-tablets from over 4000 years ago and is always developing into more complex and abstract ideas. These ideas have many essential applications such as computer programming, astronomy and construction.

Some of us have started with the building blocks of algebraic structure, using diagrams and manipulative to explore the use of letters in mathematics. Others have started to increase their speed and fluency as they build and manipulate algebraic expressions.

As each student progresses through ACE their algebraic reasoning continues to develop. This will improve their problem-solving skills ready for the world of work. Algebra is also vital for the GCSE exam, which is getting closer for our year 11s who have completed their mock exams.

You can learn algebra in lots of different ways such as through games, puzzles, card sorts, manipulative, worksheets, ICT and textbooks – there’s a way for everyone to start to understand the structure of mathematics through the introduction of symbols and letters. No matter where you are on your algebraic journey, this topic is key to help us solve more complex problems.