New Improved School Premises for ACE in Cornwall

ACE Schools in Cornwall, part of Transforming Futures Trust, have moved to new bases in Bodmin and Redruth

In both Redruth and Bodmin the new facilities are much bigger, over two floors, with extra space for staff and students. At the base in Redruth there is also a new outside play area and space for the team to create an environmental area. The team are working with students to make sure they are in the right rooms to suit their needs and make sure they can get the best learning experience.

Lise Albert, Head of Provision-ACE Cornwall, said: “We are looking forward to ensuring the extra space can be used to create opportunities for our students and widen their timetable, such as more culinary skills in our kitchen and gardening in outdoor area. Although it will take time and planning to use the building to its full capacity, this is the start of a very exciting adventure for our school.”

Redruth sensory room

One parent said: “My son has been at the school for just over a year now and seems really settled at ACE. We are seeing none of the issues we had in mainstream schools. To be honest in his previous schools he really struggled being in classes of 30 kids. Since he has been at ACE we have seen none of that behaviour. I’m not sure exactly why but it is range of things: the smaller classes, the environment, a greater amount of time outside the classroom, specialist teachers, similar type of boys with him, a more focussed school.” ACE schools is part of Transforming Futures Trust who provide a range of education services across Devon and Cornwall. 

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