Headteachers update

Welcome back

I hope my first update of the year finds everyone well after what was an unusually seasonable summer.

It has been a historic first week back with two monarchs and two prime ministers within a matter of hours of each other. As a school we have been talking to pupils about the Queen and her reign and ensuring that her life and achievements have been commemorated.

This summer also saw our first full set of exam results for our Year 11 after sitting their formal qualifications before the holiday. Our pupils have done exceptionally well considering this cohort arguably have been the most impacted by COVID of any age group.

One of our biggest focuses this year is on ensuring that all pupils attend as much school as possible. For obvious reasons COVID meant we lost a high amount learning time in the past two years and this year we want to ensure that pupils are in school regularly. We thank you in advance for all of the work that you as parent and carers do in supporting pupils to have high attendance, and please as always contact your child base if there is anything we can do to support in encouraging high attendance.