The Spring Term

As the end of this term draws to a close it seems that COVID has continued to dominate much of our work and the lives of our families at ACE. We have seen unprecedented staff levels of positive cases, certainly the highest since the start of the pandemic and as a result would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our staff, families and pupils for their unrelenting support through this.

We like many other schools have had to make alternative plans in light of staff shortages and on all occasions staff have supported each other and we have been supported by our families in doing this.

However in spite of the challenges we have had some real highlights and have continued to ensure that our pupils are always front and centre of everything we do. For those that follow our social media channels you will have seen these highlights regularly.

There has been a number of announcements about schools and pupils with SEND this term and many of them we agree will have a positive impact on us as a school and our pupils. This includes ACE schools being involved in a national paper on how our sector can promote high outcomes for our pupils and staff. A link to that report is below.

AP-Quality-Toolkit-2022-compressed.pdf (

As ever at the end of term we hope that our continued reporting on COVID will begin to diminish over the next term, and that then leaves me to wish everyone in our school community a very well rested and relaxing Easter break.

Matt Bindon Headteacher ACE Schools