Did you Celebrate Pi Day on 14th March?

Pi or 𝜋 is a fascinating number!

The distance around the outside of a circle (the circumference) is roughly three times the distance from one side of the circle to the other (the diameter).

In other words circumference divided by diameter is 3. This is the case for any circle that you can imagine and although it is roughly three it is in fact 3.141592654.

(Well that is the first ten digits anyway. You may want to google the other 31 trillion digits that we know about.) This number is so significant it was given its own Greek letter Pi or 𝜋 (way before covid variants were given Greek letters).


On the 14th March we will write the date 14.3.22 in the UK but in the US they will write 3.14.22 because Americans write the month first. 3.14 are the first three digits of Pi. So that is why we celebrate Pi day on 14th March.  Of course you can celebrate by learning about the areas and volumes of circles, spheres, cylinders and more or perhaps you would like to bake a pie on Pi day?

Some people challenge themselves to memorise the digits of Pi. The current Guinness World Record is held by Lu Chao of China, who, in 2005, recited 67,890 digits of pi.

That was before lockdown!