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This term the students in year 10 and 11 across Health and Welfare (H&W) have been involved in mocks exams across a range of subjects. Well done to all that have given them a go and tried their best.


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More celebration…

We have had students in Outreach that have completed Entry Level Certificate (ELC) as well as passed their functional skills, Well done to all the students on their fantastic progress!

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At Derriford Kate teaches a range of subjects from KS1 through to KS4 to some very poorly students. She has been busy support their learning, but also to uses visual and kinetic methods with regards to learning about animals, play doh as a form of expression and how the universe looks using play doh, which looked fantastic!


Some of our KS3 Students at Dover Road have engaged in café visits and evaluated them, the assessment sheet was created by the young people.

At Plym Bridge House we not only teach Science to the students, but also to a couple of cuddly new additions…always safety first with their protective goggles on!

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One student also showed us a new technique in stippling, which we thought was beautiful and very creative, all while engaging in a class discussion.

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We have also continued to add to our prompt cards for maths to support learning and potentially new students that come to us in future. This time we have added Circle Theorems and Trigonometry