ACE Rewards scheme

Since September we’ve been preparing to launch 2 new initiatives across ACE Schools.

The first is our brand new rewards policy. Our students are able to collect rewards throughout their school day which are recorded by staff. Once the students hit certain milestones they will receive digital postcards containing staff Bitmojis / messages from staff/rewards/special recognition awards. The milestones are as follows:



Since the start of term in September over 18,000 reward points have been issued across our bases.

We have also launched the PASS survey and interventions across the school. This includes students taking a survey at the start of year which will then return areas of strength and areas for development in relation to the different PASS factors. Once this information has been returned, staff are able to run specific interventions which aim to help students’ progress in relation to these areas for development. The second PASS survey window will be completed during March/April this year.